Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Peeing is Believing

Everyone's a critic, even the eternal optimist that is me. After J. Crew slapped a pair of jean shorts on the back cover of its Spring 2010 issue, I refused to believe that they'd gone the jort route until I saw the jatastrophes perched on a display at Lenox Square.

In turn, I get that people are slow to swallow my claim that Huck has extreme urination capabilities. Yup. Extreme urination capabilities. Some dogs catch zigzagging Frisbees. Others master roll-sit-stay-paw sequences that rival fraternal handshakes. Mine? He relieves his bladder for a startling amount of time. He sits on command when the mood strikes. He throws up a paw if and only if there's a treat involved. But ask him to display some liquid action, and color me a fire hydrant's mother.


  1. that must break some king of record. SOMEWHERE.

  2. I was wondering how long it was going to take you to post something featuring the little monster... 5th post, not bad.

  3. Anonymous commenter #2: Do you have a dog? This is true talent.

  4. Ok, i've seen Huck in action a few times myself and can vouch for this incredible talent that he's been blessed with.

    I don't know if it was some sort of strange super-power given to him after he survived being hit by a car or if it was purely just genetics, but lets just say if Meg's house ever catches fire there'd be no need to call the fire dept. as Huck would probably step up and take care of it himself.

    And to anonymous commentator #1: I believe he currently holds the state title but with the trials for nationals coming up I don't doubt he'll take home the gold

    Commentator #2: No my dear, I think we're all wondering what is wrong with the person on your side of the monitor.